Biotherapeutic Microneedling

BT-Titan Micro Needling

From Bio-Therapeutics

This brand new microneedling treatment by the Bio therapeutics BT Titan pen uses the latest technology that requires minimal downtime. It delivers a highly controlled and precise treatment which can be adapted to clients’ exact skin needs and comfort and suitable for all skin tones. The many thousands of micro channels created by the needles cause your skin to begin its own natural healing process.

This includes your skin producing 2 types of collagen which then gives the following results:

  • plumping out lines & wrinkles
  • evens out skin tone & texture
  • can treat hyperpigmentation
  • strengthens weak capillaries
  • treats acne scarring firms and tightens
  • gives skin a luminous glow.

Nanoneedlng:  60 mins – £80

Microneedling: 90 mins – £130

The treatment is very comfortable and virtually painless and the BT-Titan pen is very quiet.

Post Treatment

  • Your skin afterwards will be pink in colour and feels tight almost like mild sunburn.
  • You may experience mild swelling, redness, dryness and flaking but any after effects will calm down very quickly!
  • By the next day you are fine to wear make up. Pre care and aftercare will be advised  to make sure you get optimum results.
  • Results will be seen after 1 treatment however courses of 3 are advisable for some skin conditions.